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Decisive behaviour is a course focused on teaching your manager the basic tools to assist them in every day situations. It is an entry-level course to distinguish whether your manager is suitable to take the next step and become a key employee. ( Read more here )

Attitude for business is a continuation of Decisive Behaviour. It is a 12-day course where you retrieve the tools needed to evolve as a leader as well as practice to use them. It provides the insight as to how to use a different approach when speaking to employees. ( Read more here )

Talent Management is aimed at your company's leader or key employee. This course focus on the group and the joint learning process. It teaches you to understand how to use the group to your advantage and develops your comunicative skills. ( Read more here )

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Global Exchange offers the opportunity to take leadership to the highest prominent level. We will hold our Training Campus in India and USA. We want leaders from different nations and cultures to meet and learn from each others strenghts and to see things from a different perspective. ( Read more here )

Teach n' Coach 1 offers the opportunity to be an internal and/or external consultant. Teach N' Coach 1 educates the participant to be able to teach their own classes for Decisive Behaviour as well as Attitude for Business. ( Read more here )

Teach n' Coach 2 is a separate course with focus on the ability to teach Talent Management. The participant will be provided the tools to teach others and the material needed to become an internal and/or external consultant for Talent Management. ( Read more here )