Everything began with a thought

Once we were also employees. We had the privilege and opportunity  to learn from others. Experiences came in collaboration with others, but also by part from a certain degree of disobedience. We were adaptive as well as quick in mind and action. These are useful qualities to bring with us in life.

The feeling of "The great necessity" came to us. We freed ourselves by starting our own business, to be able to live and work with ideas outside the set borders and with a vision that did not just include us.

Insight is about the importance of reflection. It is also about passionate commitment and about being able to balance intensity with complete relaxation both within our job life as well as our private life. The grand ideas and the big insights occur exactly at the transition between work and rest.

Who does not have an idea or a dream?

We cannot create dreams, ideas or insights through pure willpower, and we cannot want ourselves the ability to be creative. What we can do is commit ourselves intensely and indulge. We sell passion, decisiveness and perspective – in our own way – for the enterprise/company and with you in it.

Let us help you fulfill your goals, aspirations and dreams!

We want you to make the impossible possible.

We help you enhance who you are and what you do.

We empower you with the tools to make the decisions needed for.

Facts about Lightperspective BPC Ltd
The company was established in 1996
50+ company clients (private and public)
Business oriented HR – assignments
Two leadership educations at masters degree level
Published book (English & Swedish) – Business Coaching