We take it one step further

Goals and values with measurable activities and balanced   Scorecards provide a framework in a creative work environment. To "live" the company's spirit bestows respect It is the company's vital essence and it can never be copied. Now I constantly see new perspectives in my decision making within a company which thrives from doing things "our way".
Calill Odqvist, CEO
Light My Fire Sweden AB

The coaching has helped me with my job as a CEO and has given me the position where I constantly get challenged and evolve.
John Englund, CFO and Vice President
Boule Medical AB

Much thanks to the coaching guidance I was given, I had the opportunity to embark on a personal escapade within different fields of my former employment, which went hand in hand with the companies quick development. I was later given guidance and support when moving on to my next job, a job which gives me great opportunities to evolve.
Matilda Jacobsson, Nordic Product Manager

The process leaders/facilitators were excellent, very diverse and complemented each other well. The education exceeded my expectations!... We practiced a lot at expressing ourselves in a completely different way than what we believed we were capable of. It was incredible...
Jonas Enhammar, Customer Service Manager
Skandia Insurance

Before taking the class I experienced employer/employee discussions  and meetings at the workplace to be a burden. The education gave me the tools needed to appreciate and benefit from these discussions and meetings with my co-workers.
Joel Björberg, Stage Manager
Gothenberg Opera House

The education was an intensive training camp focusing on the ability to listen and analyze inwards as well as outwards. Through the education I was trained at expressing myself, and how to handle new unpredictable situations.
Lisbeth Frost, Sales Director Northern Europe
Lionbridge Sweden