To live in the present

LightPerspective Training Campus - Business through People

Decisive behaviour for the manager.

Attitude for business for the indirect as well as direct leader.

Talent Management for the key employee and the leader.

Global exchange for the traveller, manager and leader.

Teach n' Coach for internal and external consultants.

The classes will become certified 2011 by an internationally acclaimed organization.


Our courses - LP Training Campus

It exists both company-based internal courses as well as completely open classes. Our way is 'in between'. Within individually structured courses we can discover the unique need for each and every participant.

We approach you – our guest with...

Passion, with intensity and comprehended approach in the present. By balance and mutual reflection and an responsiveness towards the surrounding world.

Decisive power to be able and to dare to be unambiguously evident and at the same time provide the level of freedom that each and every decision permits.

New perspectives and shift in perspective opens up for creativity in all actions.

Done "Our Way" by catching the spur of the moment with a strategic perspective.