We see the world through the people we meet

An enterprise has to be profitable and it should be ran with proven efficiency terminology. Every employee "creates" the enterprise, but no employee can exist without a solid enterprise.

We focus on "the good person". Everyone wants to do a good job, wants to be liked, heard and  noticed in a positive way. We see it first and foremost as a question – what is it that every person can, want, dares and manages within the enterprise? This provides the necessary change and shows what options that arise and which decisions that have to be made. We work from reciprocal nourishing commitment.
Lightperspective has competitive pricing and we will continue to do so.

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Our values
Ethical standard in accordance with the EMCC guidelines
Distinct working boundaries and decision making
The individuals' own choice and responsibility
Practical work more than "about-'ism"

Brief facts about us
Senior management consultants
Constant further in-depth training
Ongoing supervision
National as well as international assignments
Pro-active cooperation and networking
Member of EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)
Member of SIBC (Swedish Indian Business Council)