Everything affects everything – Everyone influences everyone

There is a driving force that is larger than the human self. It is a force which almost forces a path in life – in work as well as private life. Where does it come from? We can find clues by looking at our own history and at what each one of us carry with us. Where people are, stories and social structures exist... We are shaped based on these events and it shapes each one of us and our life long journey.

Our Past

Social mobility – The journey from one social class to anothern.

Emigration – The journey a person takes by leaving his/her motherland as a war refugee to the "neutral" Sweden – and to eventually "become Swedish".

Knowledge boost – when the education became an opportunity for several instead of a few.

Family tree – With strong, curious, obstinate, decisive, persevering women and men who never gave up.

Thank you – All this has made us who we are.