World of Warcraft, Wikileaks, Zeitgeist...

Today's youths are the futures managers and leaders. Their reality together with their history forms the new company culture. For many of us it can feel foreign.

The option is between only hiring and working with those who have adapted to the "old-school generation" or to hire "the new generation" and accept what they can offer/bring with them. At the same time, we need to keep the best from the past, merge and develop together.


Willpower creates the star

There are many who are young that both wants and possesses the ability. Many of these people are found in countries which have English as a second language and who are outside Europe and the USA. By noticing similarities and finding bridges to work together everyone can, no matter their origin, develop both their business and the people who make the business possible. We are there with you!

This means a shift in generations for us as well as many others and in several levels. It is a challenge for the old trademark to be joined together with new intensity, energy, willpower and... passion. It will be different and hopefully for the better.