Grow through experiences
and encounters

We believe in the power of growth – both for people and for companies. Freedom provides us with space to grow. Therefore, we believe in a close collaboration between leader and co-worker as well as between management and leaders so that everyone can evolve together with each other and in pace with the company. It is a matter of trusting one another and that each of us takes great responsibility.

Focus is on how the company will move from present to future.

Maintain. Not everything was better in the past, but some things were great and worth maintaining . Old experience should not parish, and it is a task to make sure that the right people stay with the organization to build a bridge between old and new and to preserve that which was good.

Grow Through Experiences

Develop. The balanced Scorecard is a way for companies and employees to face the future hand-in-hand. The company provides the structure and the frames, but the employee greatly influence the shape and structure of the Scorecard. The company's business plan with their vision, values, goals, success factors etc., is the platform used to form these Scorecards.

The employee is presented the opportunity to suggest measurable activities of how to live the company values as well as what measurable goals they shall achieve from one year to the next. A solid ground for the employee's future salary negotiations and development plan.

Phase out. It is about how to prepare a retirement or a voluntary leave at the company in an attractive and positive manner. A well-intentioned and discussed settlement plan brings honor to everyone involved.