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Bodil Dahlgren: +46 708 343347 bodil.dahlgren@lightperspective.se

Hindrik Öunpuu: +46 709 783708 hindrik.ounpuu@lightperspective.se

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Bodil Dahlgren

has studied economy, marketing, behavioural science, medicine and journalism. She has worked with sales, marketing and project management mainly within the whole saler of food-, pharmaceutical- and bio-technical industry where she directly or indirectly managed personnel.

Bodil has over several years studied and reflected upon the concept of the philosophy of life and existence. She has during years passed, formed a philosophical thesis regarding " faith without authorities". What should the human being dare to believe in or rely on when she actually is completely alone on earth?

Hindrik Öunpuu

is an engineer, strategic business developer, ex dock laborer and pastry chef. He has mainly worked with purchasing, logistics, supplier, project management and futuristic scenarios for the tele-communication industry where he direct or indirect managed personnel.

Hindrik has studied several political fields for many years. He reflects upon what "lie behind words and images". He often asks the question of whom actually benefits from a statement or the positioning of what is called 'facts'. What are "news", strictly speaking, and who decides that?